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At Grup Carol we are specialists, for more than 40 years, in industrial automation, in all the use and programming of elements for the control and monitoring of machines and industrial processes.

One of the main requirements of our customers is to obtain maximum performance from their production processes, reduce time, costs, and quality problems, among others. The man-machine understanding in the production processes acquires immense importance in the implementation of all these elements and industrial automation systems.

Therefore, it is important to have advice on the main keys for the improvement of productive results.


At Grup Carol, and with our best specialized technicians, we will help you in all the steps for the implementation of the best solution.

Know the product categories

automatismos rockwell

Programable Logic Controller

Premium brands PLCs for different general automation needs.

HMI omron

Human Machine Interface

HMI s of the leading manufacturers and for a variety of man-machine communication functions.

Speed variators

Speed variators

Integration for any type of engine on the market and field buses, with safety control, versatile and suitable for any application.

Motion Control

Motion Control

Multipurpose and more complete motion control systems on the market for rotary and linear motors with high and efficient synchronisms.



Types: Proximity, inductive, capacitive, magnetic, photoelectric, ATEX detection.



Installations with human interaction must comply with safety regulations, from emergency stop, safety curtains, laser scanners, to the most sophisticated and programmable for this purpose, by certified PLCs.

Light indication

Light and acoustic indication

Variety of Indicators and columns: lighteners, fixed, intermittent, acoustic, sirens, etc. for better signage and security.

Motor starter

Motor starter

Equipment for effective control and protection of engines.

Omron Artifical Vision Camera

Artificial Vision

Industrial cameras specialized in acquiring images, to process, analyze, guide, identify, inspect, etc. Multiple tasks performed by combining algorithms that extract the necessary information and its processing through software and hardware with the latest technologies.

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