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Carol Industrial Sabadell: 41.552378, 2.102538
Carol Automatismes Terrassa: 41.569838, 2.021887
Carol Automatismes Igualada: 41.591084, 1.627285
Carol Automatismes Bages: 41.710590, 1.847685
Carol Automatismes Martorell: 41.464040, 1.952411
RTC Mollet: 41.554586, 2.231217
RTC Ripoll: 42.218364, 2.212973
Central Logística: 41.540780, 2.098720

Wide geographical coverage in Catalonia

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The Sabadell delegation is the headquarters where the group is founded, thanks to the entrepreneurial vision of Mr. Ramón Carol. In 1990 the company moved to its current facilities, with an area of ​​3,000 m2 of warehouse and store plus parking of 600m2, with a capacity for 20 vehicles. In Carol Industrial about  35,000 items in stock of industrial, tertiary, domestic, lighting, air conditioning, home automation, industrial communications, renewable energy or uninterruptible power supplies.

We are specialists in the commercialization and advice for configuration of programmable automatons and industrial communications of the first brands, supplying everything you need through our daily delivery service.

Contact us

Borràs, 31-35

08208 Sabadell (Barcelona)

Tel. 93 745 77 00

Fax 93 725 52 96

Founded in 1984, it focuses exclusively on the distribution of electrical equipment and automatisms. In 1997 he moved to the new facilities with an area of ​​3,600m2, where the customer can find a wide range of products in stock and with the best brands in the market.

The reselling in a wide variety of products and technical advice allows us to know the needs of different customers such as companies, installers, engineering, etc.

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Ignasi Iglesias, 38

08226 Terrassa (Barcelona)

Tel. 937362800

Fax. 937842601

Since its creation in the 2000, we are committed to proximity to the client, offering advice and solutions in industrial automation sector, industrial materials, communications, etc.  Our company coach the customer: installers, engineering, SMEs, large corporations … in order to help and participate in the day to day.

We offer a response adapted to a large number of sectors: paper, tanned, automobile, ceramics, food, water and also in the industrial tertiary sector, giving solutions in home automation, energy efficiency (ISO 50001) and lighting technology.


We have more than 30,000 references in stock and make daily supplies.  Lleida and Tarragona are also covered with commercial delegates in each of the areas.

Contact us

Italia,11 nave 8  Pol. Ind. Les Comes
08700 Igualada (Barcelona)
Tel. 93 801 73 70

Fax 93 804 54 12

Carol Automatismes Bages, located in Manresa, in central Catalonia, is a dedicated warehouse specialized in the industrial automation sector and the industrial tertiary sector.

We are present in various sectors such as packaging, rail, automobile, logistics, mining, hydroelectric plants …, rising as the ideal partner for your projects.

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PI Industrial Bufalent. Miquel Servet, 29-33, Nave 2
08243 Manresa (Barcelona)
Tel. 938 749 500

Fax. 938 776 790

Carol Martorell emerges as a company dedicated to the distribution of electrical equipment, industrial automation, renewable energy, lighting and distribution of all types of industrial equipment.

The business model established in 1976 continues to increase its success stories through an honest approach that simplifies the process of supply and distribution of electrical equipment, automation and industrial communications.

As added values, we offer customized trainings, a daily delivery service and the support of our technical team, with solutions always adapted to the needs of the client.

Contact us

Can Albareda, 78

08760 Martorell (Barcelona)

Tel. 937 735 680

Fax 937 735 682

In 1992, Regulació, Tècnica i Control, S.A. born as a distributor of electrical equipment and industrial automation. In 2003, RTC obtained the ISO-9001 certification, facilitating the purchase management of its customers, giving a guaranteed quality of service. As of 2004, it expands its offer towards new technologies and Renewable energy.  In 2011 a new point of sale is opened in Ripoll and in 2014 the RTC delegation in Girona.

Machinery manufacturers, integrators and maintenance departments are our main customer base.

RTC has evolved into a solid commercial and technical organization, offering a sales service, backed by a technical service that ensures solutions tailored to the needs of its customers. Our extensive experience has made us grow with our main clients, improving their productivity and their industrial processes.

Contact us

RTC Mollet
Congost, 14 (nave 7). P.I. Can Magarola

08100 Mollet Del Vallés (Barcelona)

Tel. 935 702 644

Fax 935 702 515

RTC Ripoll
Crta. C-26 Km 195, (nave 1). P.l. La Barricona

17500 Ripoll (Girona)

Tel. 972 715 507
RTC Girona
Tel. 972 655 243