Smart formulas for the company

Technologies that provide adaptability and efficiency

Industry 4.0 Carol

Industry 4.0 takes us to new formulas called “smart” to organize the means of production, maximum adaptability of production processes or efficient allocation of resources.

The Internet of things, digitalization, big data, or artificial intelligence constitutes the highest technologies on which Industry 4.0 relies, all of them constantly developing.

Industries are increasingly demanding more intelligent developments, more environmentally friendly, more efficient and processes and productive chains better communicated with each other.

Grup Carol works in direct contact with our clients, detecting the demand for process digitalization, the integration of data process technologies, software, sensors, predictive analytical applications, to be able to predict, control and produce in the most efficient way possible.

With the help of our technicians and the leading brands in industrial automation, we can help you in the process of digital transformation of production processes, increasing efficiency, quality and safety, increasingly linking production data with the IT part. , providing the possibility of performing traceability and serialization management and analysis in any process.

We help you on your way to Industry 4.0

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