Lighting solutions

Energy optimization and consumption reduction

Outdoor industrial lighting

Grup Carol offers you a complete advice on lighting technology, which will allow you to find the optimal lighting solution for your business.

We value the lighting conditions of the installation and perform light calculations and return on investment, so you can always choose among the best options.

Our goal is to provide you with a safe, healthy, efficient, ecological and pleasant environment for the working people, thanks to the choice of the best lighting solution.

Value proposal:

  • Modernization of facilities, with the latest led technology.
  • Integration with building control and industrial automation.
  • Proposals for control and management of lighting.
  • Proposals “turnkey”.
  • Guarantee and after-sales management.

We hear you

Facilities update, consumption reduction, energy efficiency …

We advise you

Luminaries, control and integration, automation, communications …


Energy saves and efficiency, economic returns, lighting calculations …

We deliver the solution

Complete proposal, budget, closing meeting, post-installation service …

A lighting solution for each space


Atex, clean rooms, technical areas, logistics areas, outdoor areas, emergency lighting …


Commercial spaces, large stores and supermarkets, offices, shops and stores …


Residential spaces, community areas, urban areas, roads, sports areas …

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