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Robotics and industrial automation, two technologies closely linked to industrial processes and production control. An industrial robot is a reprogrammable multifunctional manipulator, to move parts, materials, tools, special elements, with variable trajectories and programmed to perform different types of tasks.

With the implementation of industrial robots in production processes, we optimize production, reduce material waste, work in high precision, reduce production costs and increase product quality.

Grup Carol offers you with the best technical advice in this field:

The feasibility analysis of the project

Study and risk analysis for operators

Study and simulation of the project by piece and execution time

Artificial Vision for the Pick & Place of the piece or for the inspection of manufacturing defects

Robots in our facilities for tests and demonstrations

Types of robots

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Delta Robot

Delta robot

It is a type of parallel robot of three degrees of freedom; Delta Robots are frequently used for packaging applications, for their high speeds and also for manufacturing applications such as 3D printing.

Scara Robot

Scara robot

Selective Compliant Assembly Robot Arm – four degree freedom robot with horizontal positioning has extensive work cycles suitable for a wide range of applications, large load capacity and a high degree of repeatability.

Anthropomorphic robot

Anthropomorphic robot

Robot with 5 and 6 degrees of freedom, indicated where there are air or floor transport systems, agile loading and unloading always at the same point, are used in fully automated work islands.

Collaborative robot

Collaborative/cooperative robot

Safe and easy to program, multiple applications, loading, unloading, assembly, gluing, welding. Perfect integration in the most advanced production processes. It is Ideal for integration into production systems with short runs due to its simple reprogramming.

Mobile robot

Mobile robot, AGV

These are Intelligent and autonomous, with natural displacements within the facilities, allowing high performance and cost reduction in the traceability of materials. They adjust to multiple configurations, for the transport of the most diverse materials.

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